Welcome to @OpenMS!

@OpenMS is an open-source C++ software library for LC-MS data management and analysis with python wrappers, a large modular toolset and workflows for e.g., Galaxy, KNIME and nextflow.

OpenMS is a community-driven open source project developed by a diverse group of contributors. The OpenMS leadership has made a strong commitment to creating an open, inclusive, and positive community. Please read the OpenMS Code of Conduct for guidance on how to interact with others in a way that makes the community thrive.

Here’s how to get started:

We offer several communication channels to learn, share your knowledge and connect with others within the OpenMS community.


A real-time chat room to ask questions about contributing to OpenMS. This is a private space, specifically meant for people who are hesitant to bring up their questions or ideas on a large public mailing list or GitHub.


Similar to Gitter, Discord allows the users to communicate in different channels, publicly as well as privately

GitHub issue tracker

The issue tracker can be used for:

  • bug reports (e.g. “Filter doesn’t work for 1D data”);
  • documentation issues (e.g. “I found this section unclear”);
  • and feature requests (e.g. “I would like to have a new interpolation method in spectrum.sortByPosition()").

Following repositories can be used for specific purposes:

In case if you are confused, please ask your query here

OpenMS mailing list

This list is the main forum for longer-form discussions, like adding new features to OpenMS, making changes to the OpenMS Roadmap, and all kinds of project-wide decision making.

There are two mailing list currently:

  • open-ms-announcements - Announcements about OpenMS, such as for releases, developer meetings, sprints or conference talks are made on this list.

  • open-ms-general - For addressing any queries or suggestion from the users.

Join the OpenMS community

To thrive, the OpenMS project needs your expertise and enthusiasm. Not a coder? Not a problem! There are many ways to contribute to openms.

If you are interested in becoming a OpenMS contributor (yay!) we recommend checking out our Contribute page.