FLASHDeconv performs ultrafast deconvolution of top down proteomics MS datasets. FLASHDeconv takes mzML file as input and outputs deconvolved feature list (.tsv) and deconvolved spectra files (.tsv, .mzML, .msalign, .ms1ft). FLASHDeconv uses FLASHDeconvAlgorithm for spectral level deconvolution and MassFeatureTracer to detect mass features. Also for MSn spectra, the precursor masses (not peak m/zs) should be determined and assigned in most cases. This assignment can be done by tracking MSn-1 spectra deconvolution information. Thus FLASHDeconv class keeps MSn-1 spectra deconvolution information for a certain period for precursor mass assignment in DeconvolvedSpectrum class. In case of FLASHIda runs, this precursor mass assignment is done by FLASHIda. Thus FLASHDeconv class simply parses the log file from FLASHIda runs and pass the parsed information to DeconvolvedSpectrum class.