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class  TargetedExperiment
 A description of a targeted experiment containing precursor and production ions. More...
struct  TargetedExperiment::SummaryStatistics


 Main OpenMS namespace.
 This class stores helper structures that are used in multiple classes of the TargetedExperiment (e.g. ReactionMonitoringTransition and IncludeExcludeTarget).


std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &os, const TargetedExperiment::SummaryStatistics &s)
 prints out the summary statistics More...

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◆ OpenMS::TargetedExperiment::SummaryStatistics

struct OpenMS::TargetedExperiment::SummaryStatistics
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Class Members
Size compound_count
bool contains_invalid_references
map< DecoyTransitionType, size_t > decoy_counts # target/decoy transitions
Size peptide_count
Size protein_count
Size transition_count