FeatureMapping Class Reference

#include <OpenMS/ANALYSIS/MAPMATCHING/FeatureMapping.h>


class  FeatureMappingInfo
 Stores information required for preprocessing. More...
class  FeatureToMs2Indices
 Stores preprocessed feature mapping information. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static FeatureToMs2Indices assignMS2IndexToFeature (const MSExperiment &spectra, const FeatureMappingInfo &fm_info, const double &precursor_mz_tolerance, const double &precursor_rt_tolerance, bool ppm)
 Allocate ms2 spectra to feature within the minimal distance. More...

Class Documentation

◆ OpenMS::FeatureMapping::FeatureMappingInfo

class OpenMS::FeatureMapping::FeatureMappingInfo

Stores information required for preprocessing.

Collaboration diagram for FeatureMapping::FeatureMappingInfo:
Class Members
vector< FeatureMap > feature_maps
KDTreeFeatureMaps kd_tree

◆ OpenMS::FeatureMapping::FeatureToMs2Indices

class OpenMS::FeatureMapping::FeatureToMs2Indices

Stores preprocessed feature mapping information.

Collaboration diagram for FeatureMapping::FeatureToMs2Indices:
Class Members
map< const BaseFeature *, vector< size_t > > assignedMS2
vector< size_t > unassignedMS2

Member Function Documentation

◆ assignMS2IndexToFeature()

static FeatureToMs2Indices assignMS2IndexToFeature ( const MSExperiment spectra,
const FeatureMappingInfo fm_info,
const double &  precursor_mz_tolerance,
const double &  precursor_rt_tolerance,
bool  ppm 

Allocate ms2 spectra to feature within the minimal distance.

spectraInput of PeakMap/MSExperiment with spectra information
fp_map_kdKDTree used for query and match spectra with features
precursor_mz_tolerancemz_tolerance used for query
precursor_rt_tolernacert tolerance used for query
ppmmz tolerance window calculation in ppm or Da