MzTabProteinSectionRow Struct Reference

PRT - Protein section (Table based) More...

#include <OpenMS/FORMAT/MzTab.h>

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struct  RowCompare
 Comparison operator for sorting rows. More...

Public Member Functions

 MzTabProteinSectionRow ()

Public Attributes

MzTabString accession
 The protein’s accession. More...
MzTabString description
 Human readable description (i.e. the name) More...
MzTabInteger taxid
 NEWT taxonomy for the species. More...
MzTabString species
 Human readable name of the species. More...
MzTabString database
 Name of the protein database. More...
MzTabString database_version
 String Version of the protein database. More...
MzTabParameterList search_engine
 Search engine(s) identifying the protein. More...
std::map< Size, MzTabDoublebest_search_engine_score
 best_search_engine_score[1-n] More...
std::map< Size, std::map< Size, MzTabDouble > > search_engine_score_ms_run
 search_engine_score[index1]_ms_run[index2] More...
MzTabInteger reliability
std::map< Size, MzTabIntegernum_psms_ms_run
std::map< Size, MzTabIntegernum_peptides_distinct_ms_run
std::map< Size, MzTabIntegernum_peptides_unique_ms_run
MzTabStringList ambiguity_members
 Alternative protein identifications. More...
MzTabModificationList modifications
 Modifications identified in the protein. More...
MzTabString uri
 Location of the protein’s source entry. More...
MzTabStringList go_terms
 List of GO terms for the protein. More...
MzTabDouble coverage
 (0-1) Amount of protein sequence identified. More...
std::map< Size, MzTabDoubleprotein_abundance_assay
std::map< Size, MzTabDoubleprotein_abundance_study_variable
std::map< Size, MzTabDoubleprotein_abundance_stdev_study_variable
std::map< Size, MzTabDoubleprotein_abundance_std_error_study_variable
std::vector< MzTabOptionalColumnEntryopt_
 Optional Columns must start with “opt_” More...

Detailed Description

PRT - Protein section (Table based)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ MzTabProteinSectionRow()

Member Data Documentation

◆ accession

MzTabString accession

The protein’s accession.

Referenced by MzTabProteinSectionRow::RowCompare::operator()().

◆ ambiguity_members

MzTabStringList ambiguity_members

Alternative protein identifications.

◆ best_search_engine_score

std::map<Size, MzTabDouble> best_search_engine_score


◆ coverage

MzTabDouble coverage

(0-1) Amount of protein sequence identified.

◆ database

MzTabString database

Name of the protein database.

◆ database_version

MzTabString database_version

String Version of the protein database.

◆ description

MzTabString description

Human readable description (i.e. the name)

◆ go_terms

MzTabStringList go_terms

List of GO terms for the protein.

◆ modifications

MzTabModificationList modifications

Modifications identified in the protein.

◆ num_peptides_distinct_ms_run

std::map<Size, MzTabInteger> num_peptides_distinct_ms_run

◆ num_peptides_unique_ms_run

std::map<Size, MzTabInteger> num_peptides_unique_ms_run

◆ num_psms_ms_run

std::map<Size, MzTabInteger> num_psms_ms_run

◆ opt_

std::vector<MzTabOptionalColumnEntry> opt_

Optional Columns must start with “opt_”

◆ protein_abundance_assay

std::map<Size, MzTabDouble> protein_abundance_assay

◆ protein_abundance_std_error_study_variable

std::map<Size, MzTabDouble> protein_abundance_std_error_study_variable

◆ protein_abundance_stdev_study_variable

std::map<Size, MzTabDouble> protein_abundance_stdev_study_variable

◆ protein_abundance_study_variable

std::map<Size, MzTabDouble> protein_abundance_study_variable

◆ reliability

MzTabInteger reliability

◆ search_engine

MzTabParameterList search_engine

Search engine(s) identifying the protein.

◆ search_engine_score_ms_run

std::map<Size, std::map<Size, MzTabDouble> > search_engine_score_ms_run


◆ species

MzTabString species

Human readable name of the species.

◆ taxid

MzTabInteger taxid

NEWT taxonomy for the species.

◆ uri

Location of the protein’s source entry.