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Develop Your Own OpenMS Tools

SOURCE CODE The source code of the OpenMS library as well as the TOPP tools and TOPPView are hosted on GitHub. The most important repositories for starting developers will be OpenMS itself and its contrib (i.e. its dependencies). The source code is released under a three-clause BSD license. DOCUMENTATION A good starting point for developers is the OpenMS GitHub wiki. For a quick dive into developing your own, see the Developer FAQ and the Adding your own tool to the TOPP suite.

Use OpenMS in CD/PD

Overview Proteome and Compound discoverer integration We provide integrated workflow solutions for the Thermo Proteome Discoverer and Compound Discoverer platforms powered by OpenMS. Proteome discoverer Starting from version 2.0, Proteome Discoverer functionality can be extended by external plugins. Several OpenMS workflows are now made available as Proteome Discoverer Community Nodes. Installer packages and workflows can be downloaded from here. Example workflow in KNIME Compound discoverer MetaboProfiler provides functionality of multiple OpenMS 2.