User questions: The best way to get help is to post your question to a site like StackOverflow, with thousands of users available to answer. Smaller alternatives include Gitter. We wish we could keep an eye on these sites, or answer questions directly, but the volume is just a little overwhelming!

Development issues: For OpenMS development-related matters (e.g. bug reports), please see Community.

OpenMS mailing list

This list is the main forum for longer-form discussions, like adding new features to openms, making changes to the OpenMS Roadmap, and all kinds of project-wide decision making.

Announcements about openms, such as for releases, developer meetings, sprints or conference talks are also made on this list.

On this list please use bottom posting, reply to the list (rather than to another sender), and don’t reply to digests. A searchable archive of this list is available here.

GitHub issue tracker

  • For bug reports;
  • documentation issues (e.g. “I found this section unclear”);
  • and feature requests (e.g. “I would like to have a new interpolation method in spectrum.sortByPosition()").


A real-time chat room where users and community members help each other.

OpenMS Documentation

Documentation of the newest release including all classes and their functions and building instructions for several operating systems can be found here.

An introduction to the core data structures and algorithms intended for new developers can be found here.

pyOpenMS Documentation

Documentation on how to use OpenMS in python can be found here: pyOpenMS


An introductory tutorial for using OpenMS tools in workflows using KNIME can be found in our documentation OpenMS KNIME User Tutorial.

A general quick start guide for KNIME can be found here and the documentation for the KNIME Analytics Platform here. There is also a separate forum for our community nodes in the KNIME community forums here.